About Team Coop-Exspirit

Team Coop-Exspirit: Morten Eide Pedersen, Bill Impola, Oskar Svärd, Annika Löfström and Jimmie Johnsson. Not in the photo: Seraina Boner, Emilie Kristoffersen and Hilde Losgård Landheim.

TEAM COOP-EXSPIRIT consists of 8 of the world´s best long distance skiers. The skiers are Oskar Svärd, Jimmie Johnsson, Bill Impola, Morten Eide Pedersen, Seraina Boner, Annika Löfström, Emilie Kristoffersen and Hilde Losgård Landheim. With the clear goal to be and maintain its role as the world leading team in long distance x-country skiing.

Long distance skiing has been on the rise for the last years with increased number of participants in the races as well as a strongly increased media interest. The development of the live TV productions and the events being broadcasted on major TV channels around Europe is also a great opportunity for the partners of TEAM COOP-EXSPIRIT.

TEAM COOP-EXSPIRIT is formed around values of professionalism and fair play in an environmental friendly way. Being clean from doping and behaving professional in the way we behave against each other and towards competitors and partners is natural. Climate change is a great threat to winter sports relying on natural snow, for TEAM COOP-EXSPIRIT it is therefore of most interest for us to take our part of the responsibility for the future of cross country skiing.

Come with us and exspirit the planet!